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Dream Theater
February 9, 2002
The Arena
Oberhausen, Germany
World Tourbulence

Disc 1:
Finally Free outro (intro tape)
The Glass Prison
Burning My Soul (original 96 version)
Another Hand/ The Killing Hand
Under a Glass Moon
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream (w/ extended intro)
Through My Words/
Fatal Tragedy

Disc 2:
The Great Debate
Another Dimension (LTE)
guitar solo/
2112: Grand Finale (Rush)
Blind Faith
keyboard solo/
Lines in the Sand

Disc 3:
Pull Me Under
Master Of Puppets (Metallica)
Master Of Puppets (Metallica) (cont.)
The Spirit Carries On
Take the Time (w/ excerpts of Working Man (Rush) and By-Tor (Rush))
Instrumental Improvisation
keyboard/ guitar duel

Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #113

An incredible show from the 6DOIT tour. One of the better set lists. I did not skip one song, a lot of DT gems in this show. It sounds at one point that there was something wrong with the monitors; as for no reason James seems to go out. Mike did seem to make James completely loose it with some creative backing vocals in LitS.

As for the recording another fine capture from Martijn. It just needed some gentle messaging to bring out this very clear recording. For the most part there is no talking or clapping in any song. A great listen that merits many additional spins!

1:05 - 1:28 of Fatal Tragedy goes mono, this is from the source

Chocolate Doughnut

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3 CDs
16 bits
182 min

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